“You need to slow down!”

Black woman head in hands looking upset

Everything was seriously going wrong, and I was being blocked and frustrated in almost every aspect of my life!!  I needed to slow down. I was running around like a crazy person!!

By the end of two weeks I was stretched to breaking point, in spite of trying to “give thanks in everything”.  I felt like sitting down in a puddle of tears and having a good old pity-party.

Thank God for wise and faithful friends who are willing to speak the truth. (I hope you have some friends like this?) As I shared with them where I was at and all that had been happening, they all started to speak with one voice…

Laurie – we believe God is trying to show you something and you are not paying attention!! You need to slow down! You are running like a crazy person!” 

I did not want to hear that – but I had to acknowledge it was the truth.  

So I did slow down! I took time out – as they suggested.  My Hubby and I went away to a beautiful quiet place where I could be still. I sat still. I journaled and I listened.

Gosho Park Game Reserve – a beautiful quiet place to retreat and listen to the Lord in His creation.

I identified and wrote down the lies and fears that were driving me,  lies that were causing me to try to do so much in my own strength.  No wonder I was exhausted and frustrated.

I also realized I had made judgments about people, and I was now living under the same judgments, as we are warned ….

“Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”

Ouch!  No wonder God was trying to get my attention!

I repented and renounced those lies and judgments, and asked what was the Truth.  The truth always sets us free!

Then, I re-evaluated my whole schedule and life balance.

In my January blog I wrote …

“ If there is no end (to the stress) in sight – then be intentional to make changes.  Discern what is the greatest energy/ life drain and how you can Delegate, Delete, Drop, or Diminish”

They said, “You need to slow down!” So I did.

I delegated some stuff that my kids needed to take responsibility for.

I deleted and said No to some commitments – even though they were GOOD. (Remember the GOOD can often be the enemy of the BEST!)  That was hard because it impacted other people.  But, I realized, no-one is indispensible –  it was the right thing to do.

And I chose to diminish my availability to everyone for everything.  One of my wise friends sent me this quote from Dr Caroline Leaf:

“Just because there’s an opening in your schedule doesn’t mean you’re free. Everything doesn’t need to be filled up and don’t let anyone try to fill it up for you. That’s a YOU time. Take it!”

It’s hard to be ‘selfish’, but I reminded myself … “I am not the Saviour, and I need to let others rely on Him, not me.”

I needed  “Me time” in order to get my own work done well and for life balance in order to fill up my inner tank. This was healthy. No-one can give out of an empty inner tank.

I created a new diary page – and colour blocked out sections during the day and the week for each of my priorities

  • Time to sit and Be Still
  • Time to exercise
  • Time for my Coaching Clients
  • Time for Admin work, and Social Media marketing
  • Time for learning and training
  • Specific time to start work, and time to stop work
  • Quality time with my husband and family
  • A proper Day off
  • Social time etc.

When I looked at my newly planned schedule, I then stopped and again asked …

“Is this the right way forward for me..? “

 And the answer … “Does it bring Peace, Balance and Life? Always walk in the Path of Peace”

As I reflected, I breathed a big sigh – Yes. I felt peace and life in it all.   So I am walking forward, being conscious of walking in the path of peace.

How about you? 

Has this spoken to you, or shown you anything from my lesson and learning?   What changes do you need to make. How can you slow down – and when will you take time out to do this? 

Until next time

Keep moving from ‘just surviving’ (like I was) to THRIVING (like I am going to!)




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