What kind of a Boat are you?

What Kind of a Boat are YOU?

What Kind of a Boat are you?

What Kind of a Boat are You?  Here’s a fun exercise to assess where you are at now, and where you need to be sailing to. 

Which one are you? 


Cargo BoatA Cargo Ship:

Are you heavily laden and weighed down. Carrying a lot (or too much?) moving slowly and sitting deep in the water? 


Sail Boat
A Sail Boat:  At Anchor

Parked in the harbour, sails folded and going no-where?  
Is this by choice?  Or have you lost motivation or direction?
Perhaps this is a well deserved time of rest and peace before your next journey? 


Sail BoatA Sail Boat: In the Doldrums

 Your sails open and ready but there’s no wind. It’s all calm & nothing’s happening?  You’re ready – but going no-where?




Sail Boat

A Sail Boat:  At sea and moving

Your Sails are full and billowing and you’re moving at a fast clip.
You have direction and are making great progress



Speed Boat

A Speed Boat:

Directed, dynamic, focused, moving fast and confidently towards the goals you are aiming for?



White water raftAn inflatable dinghy

– Being tossed about in the rapids. 

Are you are feeling vulnerable, frail, at risk and unsafe in turbulent waters?
Or is this a time of exciting challenge for you?


Pleasure cruiseA Pleasure Cruiser:

You are taking time out to have fun, go on an adventure, refresh and enjoy a holiday or pleasurable cruise. You are relaxed and enjoying life




SubmarineA Submarine:

Deep under the water, submerged and hiding away or you wish you could!  There is a lot happening beneath the surface, but people don’t see it



SteamBoatA Steam Boat:

Blasting out lots of hot, angry steam?  Are you feeling frustrated, angry and boiling up inside, only chugging along slowly?



RaftA Raft:

You used to be a more majestic boat but now you are living very simply – by choice or by circumstances?  Progress is slow,  but at least you’re still staying afloat!



WarshipA Warship:

Do you feel you are constantly at war, or at sea, not in times of peace. Life is a constant battle?



Abandoned boatOr are you feeling like this? 

Abandoned, alone, washed up, deserted, no longer useful or needed?
(You need to know that is NOT the Truth!!)




It’s really worth taking the time to sit with a pen and paper and answer these  questions in depth.

What kind of a Boat are you at present?   What makes you feel this way?


What kind of a Boat do you feel you need to/want to be?   

a) In this season of your life?

b) In the future?


What is needed from you to become this kind of a Boat?



In closing ..

I would love to help you become the best “boat” you can be. Please contact me if you would like to chat?


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