Website Woes

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I had no idea!!

I have been going through some serious Website Woes recently – issues I previously had NO idea about and was not even aware of!

Do you, or anyone you know, have a website?  If you don’t have your own website, but know someone who does, please make sure they get to read this!

Ask …. Is your website actually working?  Have you ever checked how effective your website actually is?   You/ they need to ask these vital questions or else you will have some serious website wobbles like me!

My own wake up!

After 7+ months of having my website built (again!) by a recommended local website development company and many months of ‘back and forth’, I wondered why I did not seem to be reaching my market and could not generate the business I hoped I could. My ideal clients and I were just not connecting.

Thank goodness I looked for help ! Like anyone interested or involved in Personal Development and Life Coaching, I did what I highly recommend – I looked for a coach. And I was very blessed to reach out to Nikolina Kobali. (

Nikolina is a digital marketing/ social media expert and trainer, and she started working one on one with me to help me reach my ideal people effectively. 

First thing – Check Your Website!

One of the first things Nikolina did was a website audit.  She found …

  1. There was no Google Analytics installed – so I could not analyse how my website was working or not. This is a basic website requirement.
  2. The website was not linked to appear on Google search, or any Search engines, so I would never appear when people searched for me, or a Life Coach or anything. My Laurie Thompson Coaching was ‘unfindable’
  3. There was no Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on any page – so even if I did appear on Google, I would probably be on page 950 – if at all.  Useless!!
  4. The images had not been resized and were huge – so most people couldn’t even open the web-pages on a cell phone or tablet etc
  5. This also made the speed incredibly slow and so unfavourable to search engines, or anyone searching

So,  was just a pretty, useless, postcard floating around in space.

What a waste of my time and money! 

But, what’s so big-deal about a website? 

For any business (especially these days of Covid19) unless you have a shop or an office that is somewhere physically available, ( – and if its open and accessible these days?) your website is vitally important.  It is your store front that people can visit to see who you are, what you offer, and if you have what they are looking for.  Your website is also what authenticates you as a professional business.

It’s a vital tool for your business

People need to know how to find you. If they can’t find you on the web, or with ‘Dr Google’, how will they even know you exist?  Even if people were to recommend you, how do they know you have what they need, or how to find and contact you? 

It was a big-deal for me especially

Because I was trying to reach people online, internationally, beyond my physical reach, the website was really a big-deal.  It was my shop-front online.  It was critically important to have not only a professional looking site, but also a professionally functioning website. And mine was NOT!

But, more website woes …

When I asked the designing company to correct these obvious and basic issues they informed me that this was not in the contract I had paid for and they felt I had been given enough! Wow!! 

Some companies are not worth the time and effort to struggle with!

I was left wondering …

How many other solo-preneurs, like me, may also be struggling with these issues without knowing?  Without Nikolina’s help I would never have known to even ask these questions. 

As I said previously…  If you don’t have your own website, but know someone who does, please forward this email to them!   I hope this post helps you/ them to ask these questions of your website. If you, or anyone wants to chat more about this, please feel free to call or email me.  My desire is help you avoid these kind of website wobbles!

So now ?

Off to a website developer that Nikolina highly recommends, and I’ve been told by others I trust, that he is the best!

Watch this space!

The best is yet to come!!



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