Video 2: 7 Ways to Prepare for your ‘new normal’ in 2021

A Diary with 7 numbers for 7 ways to prepare for your 'new normal' in 2021 - Number 2

Here’s Video 2:  7 ways to prepare for your ‘new normal’ in 2021. 


In this Video 2: of 7 ways to prepare for your ‘new normal’ in 2021, we are exploring what that could look like, and how to prepare and plan for the life you would love!

I  hope you enjoyed Video 1: Your Dream

Did you make time to Write your Letter from the Future?   

And have you created your Vision Board for what you would love your life to include?  Where did you put it up? 

Here is Video 2:

Your Core Values – what’s most important for you in your ‘new normal’ for 2021

In these very unstable and uncertain days, you need to know what your Core Values are, and what their order of priority is. Then, instead of being blown about by every wind of change or circumstance, you will have certainty about what is most important to you to have, or to avoid. This will cut out so much confusion. in your ‘new normal’ in 2021

If you live your life in alignment with your Core Values, you will have the fulfillment and satisfaction you desire – but you have to know what your Core Values are!   


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Have fun dreaming and scheming for the new year ahead! 

Enjoy preparing for the ‘new normal’ you would love!

Every blessing,



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