The #1 Tool for a Positive Mindset

The No 1 Power Tool for a Positive Mindset

A Positive Mindset

I thought, “It’s so easy to praise and thank the Lord, and have a positive mindset at times like these”. I sat in our beautiful garden this morning, overwhelmed with thanksgiving and deep gratitude to the Lord. We are in such a season of blessing! There was so much to be grateful for.

But – it wasn’t always like this.

Compared to this lovely season, for many long years, there were mostly only pleas for help, the inevitable questions, “Why, Lord?”, and my journal filled with struggles, trials and pain, trying to process it all with the Lord.

But it was during these long hard years that I learnt the The #1 Tool for a Positive Mindset that could help me cope. No – more than just cope – Thrive!! And slowly my focus and attention started to shift from all the negative, discouraging and depressing – to see beauty, joy, life and loveliness, in the midst of difficult circumstances.

The Lord gave me the #1 Tool

I came across it as a challenge in a book by Ann Voskamp, called One Thousand Gifts“. The challenge was to notice, write down, and give thanks for 1000 gifts or blessings.

In this book, Ann shares about her struggles to break free from her dark, hurting past – and how she used the power of noticing, recording and giving thanks to lead her into joy – the fuller life.

She shares

One thousand gifts
One thousand gifts

“I decided to try to live this giving thanks as I believe Jesus did each day, regardless of His circumstances. And what I found was that in giving thanks for each moment and savouring it as bread from His hand, I found sustenance and the grace of God Himself in it. Through this intentional, daily practice of giving thanks, I found myself on a transformative journey that affected every aspect of my life – including all the broken places. God began to show me the graces, the love gifts, that were right before me, waiting to be noticed, waiting to be received. This easily overlooked stuff, the small – and especially the hard – became for me a life-giving stream of joy in Him”

Similarly, like Ann was challenged to do, I took the dare and accepted the challenge.

I started noticing, and recording, one thousand gifts. ‘Gifts’ – small, usually unnoticed blessings, joys, loveliness, the special ways God loved me and showed me His goodness all around me.

  • The cheeky robin hopping around the lawn near where I am sitting
  • Waking up to a beautiful day of glorious sunshine – again!
  • The amazing gift of free whatsapp calls to friends across the globe. Wow!
  • Being able to lie down in warmth and comfort at night
  • Peace and safety as I sleep – I don’t have to fear bombs, tsunami’s, earthquakes etc.
  • My daughter’s smiles and hugs as she comes home
  • Husband Hugh, carrying so much responsibility, so confidently
  • The smooth stretch of road where the potholes had been fixed
  • …. and so many more

Furthermore, I realized I was noticing

…. and giving thanks for SO many, many things I had just taken for granted. And I started to change, from feeling so down and negative, to a Positive mindset. I found joy in many hidden places. And so I kept noticing – and recording.

Consequently, in my Thanksgiving diary this morning, I noticed I am up to 5779 ‘gifts’. It’s taken a few years. I accomplished the challenge, and it has now, become a lifestyle.

I kept going ..

…because I realized how this simple act of giving thanks for everything – the big and the small, the easy and the hard – has totally transformed me. It has subsequently changed my whole outlook, my mindset and my attitude towards life, people, our circumstances, and the world around me. Because now I see my Father’s love and loveliness every day and every where.

Do you want to change?

Do you long to move from a negative mindset and outlook to a positive, empowered and joyful mindset. The No:1 Power Tool for a Positive Mindset is THANKSGIVING. Paul was so spot on when he wrote:

Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. – 1 Thessalonians 5:18

It’s God’s will because He does not want us staying in a place of discouragement, negativity and hopelessness. It’s His will for us to notice, and give thanks, for the abundant gifts, signs of His love and goodness, all around us – because this is positive mindset and focus where you will find life and joy.

As a result, I am now challenging you to take this challenge! …. To notice and record 1000 gifts!

Find or buy yourself a nice journal or notebook – and start recording. Make it a NEW HABIT! Find a time of day that works for you. Put your journal where you will see it, and use it, EVERY DAY.

Will you take this challenge?

Chat soon and happy recording!



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