Living a Life of Purpose and Loving it!

Living a Life of Purpose

Do you want to go back to where you were? Were you living a Life of Purpose and Loving it?

Does your Life have Purpose, Direction and Passion? Are you fulfilled, content, satisfied and LOVING what you were/ are doing?

I thought I was!

It was the moment I realised I was ‘just surviving’ – stuck in an unsatisfying place, unfulfilled, frustrated, bored, disheartened and directionless.

It happened while I was watching  a nature documentary.

David Attenborough was sitting, barefoot on the beach at dawn, the breeze ruffling his hair, commenting on hundreds of baby turtles scuttling into the sea.

As I watched him I thought, He has spent his whole life doing what he absolutely loves!  I wish I could be like him!”

Then with a shock I realized, “Oh! I thought I was?”

I woke up!

As I pondered this, I woke up to that fact that my life felt empty and meaningless.  I was lost, and had been drifting for a long time.  I had no clear direction or plan for my life.  I did not know what my life purpose was, or even what I was passionate about?  And I started thinking, “What on earth am I here for? What is God’s purpose for my life?  What would make me wake up feeling alive, excited, fulfilled – as though I’m really THRIVING?”

I had been “successful” …

… in different careers in the past, but now I was stuck in a life I was not enjoying.  Hey, don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t awful.  I had a good life, was happily married, loved my family and made decent money – But I still felt empty, unsatisfied.  I enjoyed some aspects of what I was doing, but mostly it felt like what I called, “working for blood-money’, because it sucked the life out of me.  Consequently, each morning, I dreaded facing another day of the same ‘have to’, with no  change, no progress,  no meaning in life.  And it was now impacting my family, my relationships, and even my health in destructive ways!

Where was this abundant life that Christ spoke of?  And how would I find out the answers to these questions? 

I had prayed and read Scripture.  Prayerfully I sought God’s will in my life and earnestly desired to follow Him.  As Scripture directed, I’d  listened to the advice of wise friends and leaders,  read motivational books and listened to lots of inspiring podcasts.  And yet … here I was feeling like I was lost, without direction or purpose, and searching for a way forward to the life my heart was hungry for. I realised … God was calling me to more!

And so started an exciting and empowering life journey!

First I had to understand WHO I was. 

As I learnt about my personality,  I understood so much about what motivated me and what my deepest desires were.  I was able then to identify my Core Values, the Spiritual Gifts  and Strengths God had blessed me with, and wanted to use.

Then, once I knew WHO He had created me to be,  I could then start to explore the Passion and Calling He had placed inside my heart, WHAT my life purpose was here on earth and HOW I could move forward in this?    

Having a clear statement of Who and What and How God desires to use me was the most life-changing discovery and gave me my ‘true north’ to live by.

BUT!  As soon as I started moving in this new direction, the sabotage started!  

I had to learn how to deal with my negative, limiting beliefs that constantly undermined me and my confidence.  Overcoming my disempowering Rules about how life worked and the unhelpful Habits that undermined my success were other lessons  to be learnt.

Once the way forward was clear I then had the knowledge and the tools to live the life  God created me for.  

As I started following this I came to experience the deep fulfilment, satisfaction and abundant life that Christ had promised!

Its been  over 6 years since I discovered the life I was born to Love.  Since then, I’ve created a step-by step Personal Development Coaching programme that has helped thousands of women to understand and embrace WHO they are, WHAT their own unique life purpose here is and HOW to walk into the fullness of the Abundant life.

I long to share this information with so many more people… hopefully you.

Are you feeling like I used to? 

  • What will happen if you don’t find your answers to these big life questions? 
  • Where will you be in 6 months time, or 5 years time? 
  • How will this affect you, your loved ones, and even the people you could have reached and impacted?

That’s why I created a Group Coaching course called

“Discover the Life You Would Love”

– to enable you to find the amazing answers I did. In this course I help you:

Through this, I, and so many others, have found the answers we were looking for,  so I can confidently guarantee that this programme will be a  hugely worth-while. You will find it is a  life-changing investment that you will continue to discover the benefits from for the rest of your life, as you  walk more and more fully into the Life you Love!

If you would like to chat and find out more, please book a free call with me:

I’d love to enable you to “Discover the Life You Would LOVE!



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