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You know those successful people who talk about how important it is to create a morning routine?  They’re right!  I have found that it really is a powerful habit worth adopting.

When I don’t follow my morning routine, I feel ‘discombobulated!  ( Haha – my new word that sounds like I feel! 😄)  I am all over the place,  my head feels fuzzy and I can’t seem to settle to do anything well. I’m unfocused and scattered. I’m way less productive, and just generally off my game. Have you ever felt like this? 

In this crazy season, when I, and many of us  (and our kids?) are working from home so much more, I find I need a routine that I don’t argue with or debate. It gets me up out of bed and moving with direction and a plan.  I get so much more done and feel so much better all through the day. It stops the guilt!

My routine changes over time as I like to mix things up a bit., but here are some suggestions of what I do:


Get up at a set time every day.

This helps set my body clock, so I automatically start to wake up the same time each day (well – except for weekends! 😉) 


Exercise for 20-30 mins

 We all know the benefit of exercise!  You may prefer following an online fitness routine, going to a class or doing your own thing? I enjoy getting outside for a walk.  If I don’t do this, the  rest of my routine just doesn’t seem to happen.


What am I grateful for?

I write down at least 3 things, usually more, that I am grateful for in my gratitude journal. This gets my focus on all that is good and lovely, and into a positive, possibility thinking mode.
(See my post on No.1 Power tool for Positive Mindset)


Do/ Listen to a short devotion/ meditation/ reading. 

I take time to quieten my mind, to slow down, and find stillness and peace before I rush into a crazy day.  This ‘center’s’ me and helps me feel like I am starting the day from a calm, connected place.


“Morning Pages”

I write and fill at least 1 – 3 x A5 sheets of paper (or more?)  in my journal to get all those scrambling thoughts out of my head and clear my mind. Even if its just rambling, disconnected thoughts and ideas,  have-to-do’s or whatever, I write them down and get them out of my head. I also write out or amend my “To Do” list so I clear my head of all the ‘have to remember” things floating around there.  This makes space then for clearer, creative and focused thinking. (I will write a separate post more on this)



From my ‘To-Do’ list, I then choose my one or two  “Most Important Tasks” (MITs, as Stephen Covey calls them) to concentrate on for the day. This helps me to stay focused and directed, instead of getting distracted and trying to do everything all at once. 


Then I grab my coffee and get to it!!


So here’s my favourite saying…

“Knowledge without Implementation is worthless Information”

What morning routine could you create to give you sanity and clarity throughout the day?  

Share your thoughts with me? 

Blessings for creating a great morning routine



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