Understand YOU through the Enneagram

This 9-session programme  explores how to understand You through the Enneagram – your type,  your core fears and desires, your strengths and weakness’s,  how to get along with yourself and others and so much more…

My Own Story 

Over the past many years, I have studied and used various personality typing systems: Tim LaHaye’s  4 Temperament Types, DISC,  Gems,  Colours,  Animals …  but my best was Myers Briggs, the MBTI – until I discovered the Enneagram! 

Most personality types help us define our character or ways of behaviour – but that is it. It puts us in a box. But the Enneagram helps us get out of the box! 

The thing that sets the Enneagram apart from other personality assessments is that it provides a clear path to healthy growth and freedom. It helps us not only understand ourselves, but also the core motivations behind everything we think, say, and do. The Enneagram can help lead us to compassion, empathy, and restoration in our relationships as we learn to have grace and acceptance of ourselves –  and others. 

Most importantly, this tool guides us to break free from limiting behaviours and destructive patterns and live the life we were created to LOVE!

So as a Life Coach – that is why I love the Enneagram.

The tools and reflective exercises in this 9-session course will cover:

  1. Discover and explore your type through the Enneagram
  2. Triads 
  3. Wings and instinctual sub-types
  4. Core fears and desires
  5. Relationships
  6. Childhood patterns & messages you longed to hear
  7. Direction we go when healthy or unhealthy – lines of stress & growth
  8. Weakness’s and Strengths
  9. Healthy growth to the gift you are

You can empower your life!

Through these lessons and reflective exercises, I, and so many others, have found amazing insight, understand and freedom to grow more and more into the Gift we were created to be. I can confidently guarantee that this Enneagram coaching programme will be hugely worth-while. You will find it is a life-changing investment that you will continue to discover the benefits of for the rest of your life, as you  walk more and more fully into the life you Love!

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