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Empower Your Life!

A 9-session coaching course to help you identify and overcome sabotaging thoughts and habits and create new ones to empower your life

This is a stand-alone course. But it flows really well from the “Discover the life you would LOVE!” course.

Are you feeling like I used to?

I would start off with enthusiasm and great motivation to purse my goals and dreams, to live the life I was born to love – but then…

The sabotaging started!

  • Those negative, limiting beliefs and thoughts started to drain life from me
  • Doubts and fears crept in
  • Fear of failure and what other people would think hounded me
  • Internal conflict churned within
  • My self-confidence would take a beating
  • So my already low self-worth dropped even lower
  • I could not make good decisions
  • My goals and dreams felt impossible to reach

Does this sound like you?

Is your own worst enemy living between your ears?  Are you disempowered by your own thoughts and beliefs.

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What will happen if you don’t find your answers to these big life questions?

  • This ‘stinking thinking’ will constantly drain life from you
  • A defeated attitude grows
  • You lose motivation
  • The lack of energy and enthusiasm starts to slow you down
  • You don’t do the actions and tasks that are required to achieve your goals
  • The failure you fear becomes immanent
  • Your lack of self worth and self condemnation worsen
  • You become more disempowered
  • You will never achieve the life you really desire!

11 years ago, I learnt how to stop this sabotaging and empower my life!

Since then, I’ve created a step-by step coaching programme that has helped thousands of others to understand how to identify and overcome those sabotaging thoughts and beliefs and how to create an Empowered Life

I long to share this information with so many more people… hopefully you.

My purpose…

… is to inspireequipmotivate and support YOU to move from ‘just surviving” to truly THRIVING by discovering  the life you were uniquely create to live and love, enabling you to fulfil your potential.

The tools and reflective exercises in this 9-session course will help you to:

  1. Decide what your empowered life could look like?
  2. Understand the basic laws of success – and align yourself with them
  3. Own your beautiful uniqueness
  4. Identify your sabotaging beliefs
  5. Create new empowered beliefs
  6. Use the power of your words
  7. Replace bad habits with healthy habits
  8. Design empowering rules
  9. Keep your tank full

You can empower your life!

Through these lessons and reflective exercises, I, and so many others, have found the answers we were looking for, so I can confidently guarantee that this Personal Development Coaching programme will be hugely worth-while. You will find it is a  life-changing investment that you will continue to discover the benefits of for the rest of your life, as you walk more and more fully into the Life you Love!

This course is available as:

Self Study

Group Coaching

Private Coaching

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I’d love to enable you to discover the life you would LOVE!

Group Coaching

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If you have two or three friends who could join you, we can set dates and times that would suit you personally. Just let me know.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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Private Coaching

Do you need individualized, personal coaching to maximize your potential and achieve what matters to you?

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