Are you Going Up… or Going Down?

Man with backpack standing at convergence of two paths, fork in the road

What’s Your Choice?  As the world crisis’s only grow worse which path will you choose? The one going UP or the one going DOWN?

Going DOWN – …. the path leads to deepening darkness, negativity, fear, despair and discouragement  – focusing on the PROBLEMS

OR –  Going UP … the higher path that leads to light, hope, excitement and opportunities  – where you focus on the POSSIBILITIES?

Whilst we are surely surrounded with Problems during this Corona virus pandemic  – there are equally as many Possibilities!

Problems or Possibilities?

Do you find most of your thoughts are positive –  hopeful, encouraging and inspiring you,  focussed on the possibilities and opportunities this pandemic is presenting us?  Are you focussed on what you CAN do?

Yes I can

Or are most of your thoughts negative – fearful, hopeless, despairing – focussed on the problems and chaos this pandemic is presenting us?  Where are you focussing on what you CAN’T do?


If it is the negative – you can choose to change them for positive ones so you start to walk up the path to light, hope and possibilities.

Refuse to think

…. about what you DON’T want. Think only about what you DO want

“Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things” Philippians 4 v8

Here are some Possibility Questions to help you focus on positive, possibility thinking…. 

Possibility Thinking

Q = What is positive and lovely, excellent about my situation?
Q = How many things can I give thanks for every day?
Q = Where CAN I use this time wisely
Q = In what way can I grow myself so I come out of this time BETTER
Q = Which courses or studies could I do?
Q = Is there a new skill could I learn?
Q = How can I encourage and uplift  others to choose the path going up?
Q = Lord, what would YOU want me to focus on? 

Going up…..?  or Going Down?

What’s Your Choice?  

Are you struggling with negative thinking? I would love to help you? Why not book a FREE call with me and lets get you Going Up!

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Keep going UP, towards the light, where He is!



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