Video 5: 7 ways to prepare for your ‘new normal’ in 2021

A Diary with 7 numbers for 7 ways to prepare for your 'new normal' in 2021 - number 5

Welcome to Video 5:  7 ways to prepare for your ‘new normal’ in 2021

Welcome to  Video 5:  of 7 ways to prepare for your ‘new normal’ in 2021, what that could look like, and how to prepare and plan for the life you would love!

Have you had a chance to watch the previous videos yet? 

1: The Dream:  what would you love your new life to look like?

2:  Your Core Values – what’s most important for you in your ‘new normal’ for 2021

3:  Setting Priorities – Choosing the important over the urgent

4:  Your Habits – are they Helping you, or Hindering you? 

I hope you found the FREE workbook helpful to enable you to work through some of the exercises and reflections? 

In Video 5 this week we explore:  

Your Beliefs – It’s all about the way you Think?

It’s not what happens to you – But how you THINK about what happens to you!

It’s not the world OUTSIDE of you – It’s the world INSIDE of you that creates the conditions of your life!

 You create your entire world by the way you think!

Are your Thoughts and Beliefs about your ‘new normal’ in 2021 positive or negative, empowering – or disempowering you?

Do you think anything like this ….

  • What’s the point in planning when we have no idea what next year will be like?

  • We have no control over our future. We just have to wait and see

  • The whole world economy is going downhill

  • There will be less and less opportunities for me

  • This Corona virus will never go away

  • Never again will we enjoy all the fun things we used to do

  • …. or other similar negative, defeatist thoughts? 

Beware of Sabotaging Beliefs and Thoughts. We call this  “stinking thinking”!

Is Your own worst enemy living inside of you?

The best news is that you can change your negative, sabotaging beliefs to ones that are far more positive and powerful that will enable you to achieve the success you desire. 

 Find out how:


Don’t forget to download your FREE workbook:

Have fun dreaming and scheming, and creating the ‘new normal’ you would love in 2021! Every blessing,




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