Video 4: 7 Ways to Prepare for your ‘new normal’ in 2021

A Diary with 7 numbers for 7 ways to prepare for your 'new normal' in 2021 - number 4

Welcome to Video 4:  7 ways to prepare for your ‘new normal’ in 2021

In this Video 4:  we continue looking at 7 ways to prepare for your ‘new normal’ in 2021, what that could look like, and how to prepare and plan for the life you would love!



Have you had a chance to watch the previous videos yet? 

Video 1: Your Dream:  what would you love your new life to look like?  

Video 2:  Your Core Values – what’s most important for you in your ‘new normal’ for 2021

Video 3:  Setting Priorities – Choosing the important over the urgent


In Video 4 this week we explore:  

Your Habits – Are they Helping or Hindering you?


Bad Habits are like tiny termites/ white ants!  The damage that they do goes on unseen, day after day, without ceasing – and so much irreparable destruction is done.

 Yet a termite has such a tiny bite!  Our Bad Habits gnaw away, day after day, hindering and hampering us from our best life.

They are usually small, unconscious habits that we’ve picked up, that have now become a way of life for us.  But these bad habits are silently eating away and doing huge damage. 

The results may not be visible now.  They may only been seen later.   Yet the damage is happening now!

So many of our habits are unconscious and part of our daily routine. We follow them blindly.   Most of the time we are unaware of our bad habits! 

You have to ask yourself …

Are the habits I have HELPING me, or HINDERING me from reaching the life I desire in 2021?

And then make a specific plan to get rid of those bad habits and replace them with healthy, empowering habits that will lead to your success in the ‘new normal’ you desire for 2021

 Find out how: 


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Have fun dreaming and scheming for the new year ahead! 

Every blessing,



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