2021 is a Disaster!! Or IS IT?

Gold Balloons and Happy New Year 2021 - Disaster

2021 is a Disaster!  

Watch: https://youtu.be/6TgwSomdVoM

We  were all looking forward to having 2020 behind us so we could get started with a new 2021.  But this is not what we ordered!!

A new wave of covid, new lock downs, and more going back to the same as last year. What a disaster ! 

Or is it?

What if this gives us a fantastic opportunity to make the changes we felt we needed to make last year – but didn’t

Are you feeling like I used to? Black woman head in hands looking upset

  • Unfulfilled, bored or frustrated with where I was at
  • Stuck in a job, a situation, a life I was unhappy with
  • Not achieving my potential, and feeling I was wasting my life away
  • At a cross roads,  in transition, uncertain of what to do next
  • Confused about the way forward
  • Knowing I needed to make changes and move,  but was not sure what or where, or how to start and get going

Do any of these sound like you?

What will happen if you don’t find your answers to these big life questions?

  • Where will you be in 3 months time, or 3 years time?
  • How will this affect you, emotionally, mentally, financially – even physically
  • How will it impact your loved ones,
  •  And what about the people whose lives you could have impacted and made a difference for?

That would make 2021 a Disaster!

 I learnt how to discover the life I was born to LOVE and now I’m living in the fullness of it!

Since then, I’ve created a step-by step coaching programme that has helped hundreds of others to understand and embrace WHO they are, WHAT their own unique purpose here on earth is and HOW to walk into the fullness of the life they would love.

I long to share this information with so many more people… hopefully you? 

My Passion ….
… is to  Inspire, Equip, Motivate and Support YOU to move from ‘just surviving” to truly THRIVING by discovering  the life you were uniquely created to live and love, enabling YOU to fulfill your  potential,

 So come on …

Discover the Life You would Love!

The tools and reflective exercises in this 9 session course will help you to: 

  1.  Clarify where are you at and want to go?
  2.  Explore Your Dream and start moving towards it
  3.  Discover You through the Enneagram
  4.  V.A.K.—what’s your style?
  5.  Prioritize your Core Values
  6.  Work to your Strengths
  7.  Define Your Passion and Purpose
  8.  Design a Life Plan
  9.  Accept—It’s Up to You!

You could enjoy this coaching through

       A. Online Coaching Group, starting soon
       B. Individualized personal coaching
       C. An Online Self Study Course


It IS up to You!

Through these lessons and reflective exercises, I, and so many others, have found the answers we were looking for,  so I can confidently guarantee that this Personal Development Coaching programme will be hugely worth-while.

You will find it is a  life-changing investment that you will continue to discover the benefits of for the rest of your life, as you walk more and more fully into the Life you Love!

Don’t waste this new start to a New Year
Don’t waste this time of lockdown & Covid restrictions
Don’t go back to that unfulfilled and unsatisfying life you do not want, and waste this fantastic opportunity

Contact me now and tell me you are keen to join us? 

Email: lauriet22@gmail.com

Call or Whatsapp : +263 772 901 775

Or, if you would like to chat and find out more, please book a free call with me: https://dsyteuaqiykpygjhcb.10to8.com

Or go to: https://lauriecoaching.com/coaching


Don’t let 2021 be a Disaster! 

I’d love to enable you to Discover the Life You Would LOVE!



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