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I'm Laurie

My passion is to inspire, equip, motivate and support you to move from just surviving to truly THRIVING by discovering  the life you were uniquely born to live and love.

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Understand who you are

Clarify your core values and what is important to you
Learn how to work with your strengths and weaknesses
Own the beautiful uniqueness of you
Build your confidence in who you really are

Overcome your fears, doubts and negative beliefs

Understand how to identify your sabotaging thoughts
Change those negative beliefs into the positive beliefs you need
Use the power of your words to build on what you believe
Eliminate unhelpful habits and build powerful new ones

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Are you feeling like I used to?

  • Unfulfilled, bored or frustrated with where I was at. Stuck in a job, a situation, a life I was unhappy with
  • Not achieving my potential, and feeling I was wasting my life away
  • At a cross roads, in transition, uncertain of what to do next
  • Confused about the way forward
  • Knowing I needed to make changes and move, but was not sure what or where, or how to start and get going
Laurie Thompson Personal Development Life Coach logo

You start off with enthusiasm and great motivation to purse your goals and dreams, to live the life you were born to love – but then… The sabotaging starts!

  • Those negative, limiting beliefs and thoughts started to drain life from me
  • Doubts and fears crept in
  • Fear of failure and what other people would think hounded me
  • Internal conflict churned within
  • My self-confidence would take a beating
  • So my already low self-worth dropped even lower
  • I could not make good decisions
  • My goals and dreams felt impossible to reach

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