Group Coaching

Understand You through the Enneagram

A Christian perspective of your personality type, – and how to grow into the Gift God created you to be.

This 12 session programme explores your type, how you  respond during Growth or Stress, what your  Core Fears and Core Desires are,  your Weakness’s, Defence mechanisms, Strengths and Gifts, Relationships and  how to get along with yourself, others, and so much more.

Discover the Uniqueness of You!

A six session course to help you discover how to be content, fulfilled and confident in being your wonderful, unique YOU!

  1. Who are you?
  2. Identify your Spiritual Gifts
  3. Understand your Core Values
  4. What Need drives you?
  5. Love your Uniqueness
  6. How to Fill up your tank

Design Your Life

A six session course to help you clarify and move in the direction of  the Life you would Love to Live!

  1. Where are you at and want to be
  2. Set your Goals and 90 Day Plan
  3. Work to your Strengths
  4. Define Your Passion and Purpose
  5. Create your Life Plan
  6. It’s Up to You!

Create an Empowered Mind

A six session course to help you understand your sabotaging thoughts and beliefs and how to create an Empowered Mindset

  1. Where do  you  want to be
  2. The Basic Laws of Success
  3. Understanding your Beliefs
  4. Creating New Empowered Beliefs
  5. Use the Power of your Words
  6. Design Empowered Life Rules

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