How to receive 1000 gifts!

The past few weeks in Zimbabwe have been so exciting and hope-giving. Its been easy to  be Thankful, […]

Thriving with Thanksgiving

Join us for our Coaching Café – this coming Sat 2nd Dec 9 – 11am at The Mustard […]

The Power of Thanksgiving

Wed 22 November is Thanksgiving Day in America. Imagine a whole day dedicated to giving Thanks! Christmas is a time of […]

Filling Up Your Tank (Part 2)

The last newsletter (Part I) focused on  “What Empties Your Tank” – and how to stop it!   Are […]

Filling Up Your Tank? (Part 1) First you have to Stop the Leaks!!

After all the petrol and diesel queues a few weeks ago, I got to thinking about our “Inner […]

Your Invitation to join us …

Life is so crazy in Zimbabwe at the moment.  Are you  living in “Survival Mode”, just existing one […]

Mercedes? Lions? … and You?

 Its this coming Saturday – 7th October! A fun, interactive, creative and inspiring look at WHO you are […]

5 Lies Not to Believe About 2017

Repost by Steve Backlund – Igniting Hope Ministries In I Kings 19, Elijah ended up in a cave […]

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5 Lies Not to Believe About 2020

“I feel like I have no control!”

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When its HARD to give Thanks